Information about A Place by the Beach

How it works

How it works

For buyers: 
You make a reservation directly with the  accommodation host and your money is paid directly to them.
We do not charge you a booking fee or commission.
Any cancellations or other service issues are between the accommodation seller and the accommodation buyer. 

For sellers: 
Create your own free listing and after the buyer pays you through your Paypal Business Account, we will receive a commission of 1%. 

It's that simple!

Notes for Hosts

Description – Please provide complete and accurate details of your property so that the guest has all
the information needed for them to book directly with you.

Availability –Don't loose bookings by not having updated availability.

Pricing- Your listing price per night will be the amount you will receive and should be an all-inclusive
figure to include any cleaning fees etc.

Discounts – If you would like to offer a discount from the listed price for extended periods, or any
other reason, mention this in the listing and refund the guest once thy have paid the full amount.

Seasonal price changes – If you have a different price structure for different months this will require
different listings. Let us know the different rates and dates and we will set this up for you once you
have set up one listing and we will use this as a template.

Payment -Payment is made via PayPal who will hold the money until you accept the booking, once
you accept the booking the money, less our commission, is paid directly to your PayPal business
account. If you reject the booking, for whatever reason, PayPal sends the money back to the guest.

Verification- We ask that you send to us photo identification such as passport or international driving licence and a utility bill in your name for the property you are listing.

Verification of guests – If you need to ask the guest for any verification or a deposit you can do this
once they have paid. If you are not happy with the guest, you can reject the booking and the guest is
repaid in full.

Insurance – It is imperative that you have your own insurance to cover any damage or loss to your

Cancellation Policy – It is up to you how you deal with cancellations but please include your
cancellation policy clearly on your listing.

Notes for Guests

Payment- Payment is made when you book the property and is held by PayPal until the host accepts
your booking. If for some reason the host rejects the booking your money is repaid in full.

Insurance- It is imperative that you have your own travel insurance.

Review- Please leave an accurate and fair review.

Deposit- In some cases the host requires a damage deposit and this should be paid separately to the host after the booking is accepted.